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Jackie Cameron

Production Assistant, Photo/Videographer


Nashville, TN


Born: June 9th | Joined: August 2014


"What I am is what I want & I'll be this way 'til I'm dead & gone." -3 Doors Down

Music will forever be my eternal escape, never-ending romance & lifeblood. I enjoy all genres, but Glam Metal is definitely my passion. I was incredibly lucky to bear witness & live it up in it's wellspring years. From Led Zepplin, Def Leppard, AC/DC & Van Halen to KISS, Motley Crue & Bon Jovi to BVB, Harlot & Steel Panther. Capturing music's soul on film & paper is truly awesome & an honor. Not only keeping fans connected to their great love but memorializing it's magnificence in history.

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