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Nikki bona



Kutztown, PA


Born: October 15th  | Joined: July 2016

“I'm not sorry for the way that I am” - Upon a Burning Body 

Growing up in a small rural town has taught me various things, but the greatest lesson was to be yourself.  In middle school pop punk was my life, listening to Green Day, Son of Dork and The Ramones, everywhere I went. As I moved into high school my taste in music continuously got heavier with bands like Upon a Burning Body, Drown in Sulfur and Beartooth.  My last year of high school I found something that I love doing, which is photographing bands. I’ve been around my local scene for a while taking pictures of local bands and I have loved every moment of it. One day I hope to be able to do this for a living. 

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