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Alex Di Leo Interview

Solo artist Alex Di Leo has such a transcendent sound, you can't help but feel freeing listening to it. I've always said no matter how heavy your library is, you need a few softer artists to keep your heart from getting heavy. In my opinion, this Fort Lauderdale based act is a perfect candidate if you're looking for some good soul healing vibes. Recently we had a chat with the man himself!

LJ Dewitt: For our readers unfamiliar with you, please introduce yourself. To keep it interesting, give us a random fact about yourself.

Alex Di Leo: My name’s Alex Di Leo, I’m a singer-songwriter from Fort Lauderdale. I got my first guitar when I was 10 years old from my Grandma. It was totally a random gift but I went with it. I put together my first band with a close friend when I was 13. We won some middle school talent shows then decided to do more with it. We picked up a few different members into high school and opened for a couple of national acts. During my senior year, the band ended and that’s when I became a solo artist. Throughout the last two years, it has taken me going through four different producers and recording productions to find the sound I’d been looking for. My random fact is that I could eat wings all day, every day.

LJ: You're an advocate for traveling and adventuring. What's the best moment on the road you've had so far?

Alex: One of the best moments I've had on the road so far was in Greece. I was in Mykonos at a bar by the pool at a hotel around 2AM. There were just a couple of people at the bar besides the bartenders who had asked me to bring my guitar. When I returned to the bar, Hugo, a guy I had met earlier was there. He was also a singer-songwriter from London. The bartender downloaded a piano app on his iPad and Hugo and I wrote a song called “Kiss Those Lips”. I ended up recording the song in a previous production.

LJ: Musicians get to travel to great places to spread their message, but unfortunately, they also end up in some not so great cities. Have you ever had a city or situation where you were genuinely scared you were going to die?

Alex: Thankfully, I have not experienced that yet but I know at some point I will. I think being with the right group is what will keep me positive and safe.

LJ: Recently you released your video for "So We Go". Good or bad, what's the most memorable moment from shooting the video?

Alex: Shooting the “So We Go” music video was one of the greatest times I experienced this year. The most memorable part of shooting the video was the roof top scenes. Having the whole city of LA as a backdrop that late afternoon was definitely an experience.

LJ: Whether it be emotional struggles or writer's block, what has been the hardest song for you to write?

Alex: “I've Been Waiting” was the hardest song for me to write. When I first wrote it, I had everything but the verse, post chorus, and two lines in the bridge. I separated myself from the song for a few days which caused me to lose a bit of inspiration in it. I ended up finishing the lyrics weeks later in the studio as Josh, my producer, was able to help spark some ideas.

LJ: If you could choose any song in history to have written yourself, what would it be?

Alex: One song that always gives me goosebumps and makes me emotional is “Hurt”, Johnny Cash’s version, originally written by Nine Inch Nails. It makes me picture moments in my life and think about the future and where it might take me.

LJ: Three albums you'd want to be buried with?

Alex: If I was buried with three albums, they’d be Mylo Xylo by ColdPlay, Reflektor by Arcade Fire, and Hot Fuss by The Killers.

LJ: What is the most bizarre thing that's ever happened at a gig? Ever had any stage nightmares?

Alex: I was recently playing a show at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale and as we were playing “Colors” I was standing on the edge of the barrier wall. It's a few feet above the stage floor and I was getting so into the song that I almost fell into the crowd. I caught myself at the last moment.

LJ: Twenty years from now, what is one thing you want to have become known for?

Alex: Twenty years from now I'd like to be known as an artist that people can relate to. I tend to write songs that are more uplifting. I think life is too short to be anything but as positive as you can be. Life can change in an instant.

LJ: Finally, is there any random facts, comments, or words of wisdom you'd like to leave with your fans?

Alex: Thanks so much for all the continued support, friends! Please be sure to subscribe to my website at and my Spotify page as I’ll be releasing a single at the beginning of February. Thanks so much for the continued support and friendship. Much love!

e. Tamara Grant


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