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Alive/Alone Interview

Alive/Alone is a four piece act hailing from the south side of Chicago, IL. They are one of those bands that when they hit the stage, you'll say to yourself, "I wasn't expecting that, outo f them!" Consider, I don't mean that in a negative way, as their post-hardcore sound carries a lot of emotion and power. I had a little chat with their frontman, Ricky, recently!

LJ DeWitt: Please introduce yourselves. Give me your name and roll in the band. Ricky Bravo: My name is Ricky, I sing. LJ: Where are you from? What's your opinion on your local scene? Ricky: Me and the boys are all from the south side of Chicago. I'd say we're actually lucky with the music scene that we have over here. A lot of venues and DIY shows, and from traveling around the country I've found out it's something not every area has, so I'm grateful for what we have at home. LJ: What's the craziest or weirdest thing that has ever happened to you at a gig? Ricky: At our last hometown show this middle aged woman was belligerently drunk and asked me if she could get on stage. I didn't wanna make it an awkward thing so I just played along with it and let her. She started caressing our drummer and mumbling into my microphone and tried to take my shirt off at one point, it was really bad, haha. LJ: Who's, so far, been your favorite band to share a stage with? Ricky: I'd say Northern Line. They were our tourmates last summer and we all became bros. It was a good time hanging out with those guys every night. LJ: Who's the band trouble maker? Worst trouble they've ever gotten themselves or the band into? Ricky: We're all pretty chill honestly. I'd say the only trouble I've gotten into is some guy trying to fight me in Lawton, Oklahoma. Nothing actually happened though. LJ: On the flip side of that, who's the band's "mom"? (The one that cleans up the messes) Ricky: That would definitely be Dre. He gets frustrated when the van isn't clean, and he tries to keep the van and merch box organized. He also tried to give us a time limit when we make gas stops, but we never listen. LJ: Who in the band would be the most likely to become an actual murderer? Ricky: 100%, for sure, definitely Dre. LJ: Of all the songs you've ever written, which means the most to you and why? Ricky: Maybe "Writing Class" because it's about something I never talk about and it was my first time writing a song about that particular subject. LJ: What is one subject you don't like to write about in music? Ricky: I'll write about anything. I like making honest music and I feel like in order to do that I can't keep anything off limits. LJ: Finally, is there anything you'd like your fans to know? Ricky: We have a coast to coast tour announcement this month and we'll have a brand new EP out this summer. We can't wait to finally show you what we've been working on. Thank you for your continued support! It means everything to us. xoxo

e. Rachel Rosell


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