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Deaf Havana Interview

Deaf Havana holds the kind of sound that you love to hear on a hot summer night. Their sound is heart warming and energetic. These London natives just released their fourth album, All These Countless Nights, along with a artistic music videos for several tracks off the record. Recently I had the pleasure of talking with one of the charming gentlemen behind the music.

LJ DeWitt: Please introduce yourselves, include roles in the band, and to keep this part from getting boring, include something random about yourselves.

Matt Veck Gilodi: Hi, I'm Matthew. I play guitar and pretend to do a bit of singing, and I think Guinness should count as one of your five a day.

LJ: Over the years I've heard a lot of contrasting opinions from London bands about their local scene. How do you guys feel about it? What's your favorite hometown venue to play?

Matt: Well although we're now mainly based in London, we grew up in the East of England so all our local venues are round there. My favourite hometown venue is probably The Waterfront in Norwich.

LJ: Do you have any bands you like to play/party with a lot?

Matt: We have a few, we're currently out with Dinosaur Pile-Up who are a great bunch of guys.

LJ: Throughout all the places you've played, has there ever been a city or situation where you genuinely felt you'd die?

Matt: Anywhere in Texas.

LJ: Have you ever "lost" a band member before a show? If so, where was he to be found?

Matt: Not really before a show, but we lost our bassist Lee in Phoenix, Arizona. He got really drunk and ran off through the ghetto there!

LJ: Recently you released your newest album All These Countless Nights. Whether it be from emotional struggle, writers block, or what have you, what was the most difficult song to write on the record?

Matt: That would probably be "Pensacola, 2013" because we mashed together a couple of songs and just really worked at getting it together. It took a long time with our producer to get it right.

LJ: Which song would you say you're the most emotionally invested in and why?

Matt: For me personally it has to be "Pensacola, 2013". It just has that lingering sense of sadness from the ending of a relationship which really strikes home with me.

LJ: You've released a few music videos off of this record, including videos for "Fever", "Trigger", and "Sing". Whether it be good, bad, or plain weird, what's the most memorable moment from shooting these videos?

Matt: It has to be turning up on set for "Fever" and seeing some horses there. It was insane, like we were in a movie almost!

LJ: Do you plan to release anymore videos from this album? If so, are you allowed to reveal which ones?

Matt: I believe we will, but that information is classified at the moment!

LJ: Finally, is there any last statements, random facts, or words of wisdom you'd like to leave with your fans?

Matt: Always double denim.

e. Rachel Rosell

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