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Dorothy Does Drugs Interview

Is it a surprise that a band with the imagery and name of Dorothy Does Drugs comes from Florida? No, not really. We all know it's the meca of the vibrant and strange. Despite the Oz aesthetic, their sound leans into classic goth rock. Recently, Bre spoke with guitarist, Daze.

Bre Plantz: Please introduce yourselves, roles in the band, and throw in a random fact about yourself.

Daze: I'm Daze, the guitarist/songwriter/founder of the band. Random fact about myself… I enjoy calling people on their bullshit.

Bre: How did the band come to form?

Daze: The band has had various members over the years. The band originated in the NYC/NJ area years ago. I have worked with numerous musicians as the band has grown. We are currently based in Jacksonville Florida. The current incarnation/lineup of the band formed from my desire to work with serious, dedicated and talented musicians after a false start with a bunch of loser space cadet wannabes who wasted much of my time in 2018. After that debacle, I decided to turn to one of the most talented singers I know, Courtney Grace. She graciously agreed to help me and we are currently recording professionally with a great producer and are also making a music video for one of our songs.

Bre: Growing up, what artists helped inspire your sound?

Daze: The Ramones, Joan Jett, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and many more.

Bre: Has being an artist always been your ideal career?

Daze: Yes… [I] hate working for bosses at rat race jobs.

Bre: If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing? (Career wise)

Daze: Some mundane, crappy, miserable wage slave job

Bre: Whether it be good, bad, or just plain weird, what is the most memorable moment you've had at a gig?

Daze: Many years ago we headlined a show at QXTs goth night in NJ. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our singer at the time was MIA,unreachable, and so it fell on me, the one who knew the lyrics and songs best since I wrote them to be the singer for that show. Our bassist moved over to guitar, we took on another member to play bass,and plowed our way through our set...unsurprisingly a great audience reaction. I say surprisingly because I never claim to be a singer as I smoke about three packs of cigarettes a day...

The best part for me was finding out the difference coming off stage of being the singer...I got swamped by people wanting to talk to me and sign up for our mailing list and it was just a wonderful experience.

Bre: If you have a pre-show ritual, what is it and why?

Daze: Alcohol… because… why not?

Bre: Favorite song to perform live?

Daze: I personally like performing I Can't Hide and two cover songs we tend to do live...Sweet Dreams (The Marilyn Manson version) and Strawberry Gashes, which is a song by the band Jack Off Jill.

Bre: What is your songwriting process like? Is there any one place or mindset you need to be in to write?

Daze: Usually lyrics come first.

Bre: What advice do you have for people who want to start their own band?

Daze: Realize the dedication and time, money, and effort required.

Bre: Any last words you'd like to leave with our readers and your supporters?

Daze: Truly thankful for our fans and their support. This is something I love doing.

e. Rachel Rosell


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