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Farewell, My Love Interview #2

Farewell, My Love is a group I’ve only previously been able to describe best as Tim Burton’s version of a rock band. Though this still holds true, in the last year they have proven themselves as so much more through change and growth. Back in October of 2014, I spoke with veteran bassist Charlee Conley, and almost an exact year later I’m presenting you with a new interview. However, in contrast to speaking with a seasoned member like Charlee, I had a chat with greenhorn London Mckuffey.

New to F,ML but certainly not foreign to shredding, London is a true force to be reckoned with. Some of you may know him best as The Motley Misfit; a nickname I can promise you holds up on stage. At the young age of 19, he’s already jamming out the riffs of some of his idols and following his dreams of touring the world. Along with his talent, he comes with a radiant personality! We had a talk about his experiences abroad, as well as delved into his past.

LJ DeWitt: Let's start from the beginning. You came from a military family and grew up moving between America and Japan many times. What was the music scene like between both countries? London McKuffey: I first got into music when I was 14, during the second time I lived in Japan. I went to my first concert when I lived there (Mötley Crüe), and I joined my first bands there. I remember it being more of a struggle finding other musicians in Japan than in Virginia Beach when I moved there at 16, but the few musicians I did find on base in Japan were so incredibly talented. There were no casual musicians, which was an issue for me in the States. LJ: What were you most and least favorite aspects of living in Japan? London: My least favorite aspect of living in Japan when I initially moved there also became my absolute favorite aspect upon adjusting; the culture. The traditions that have gone on for centuries that still hold their place in society, the history, and the world of difference you'll never experience in the United States, from architecture, homes, art, and food. LJ: At what age did you decide to pick up a guitar, and why? London: I first played guitar in the 3rd grade and took lessons, then put it away until I started really listening to the intricacies of Slash from Guns N' Roses at 14 and knew I wanted to play on a serious level. I told a mentor about my newfound interest and he let me borrow his 1977 Gibson Les Paul Custom for a month, which was life changing. Getting to spend so much time with such a fine instrument sealed the deal in my desire to pursue music, as well as my love of Les Paul's! LJ: If you could credit one person (fictional or real, famous or not) for inspiring you to become a musician, who would it be? London: Slash by far, for inspiring me to actually play guitar and, to this day, being my biggest influence. Without his individual role in my life, nothing else would have followed to further inspire me.

LJ: You've officially been a member of Farewell, My Love for a few months now. What was your biggest fear in joining an already established band? London: In joining an existing band, I had an initial fear of not achieving my own artistic vision and not having the relevance I desired publically and in band decisions, which wasn't the case at all. I couldn't be happier with being in Farewell on every level imaginable and I'm proud to call the band my own. LJ: What would be your dream tour line-up to be a part of? London: Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Santa Cruz, and Farewell, My Love of course! LJ: If you could play any city or venue in the world, where would it be and why? London: Well, London, England has been crossed off the list! I'd have to say Virginia Beach, Virginia, as that's where my family and many friends live, and anywhere in Japan! I've always wanted to go back to visit, but going there to play live every night would be such an honor. LJ: When and where is your favorite place to write and/or practice? London: In our van on tour, my home in Virginia, and currently our band rehearsal space here in Phoenix, Arizona are certainly the most familiar and comfortable settings for me! LJ: What song do you want played at your funeral? London: When the Angels Sing by Social Distortion; one of my all time favorite songs.

LJ: If you could have a pass to get away with one crime and not get caught, what would you do? London: I'd rig the lottery in my favor, and then buy as many vintage guitars and fast cars as I desired! LJ: The fans, dubbed the Farewell Family, have welcomed you with open arms. They've warmed up to you instantly! But, I must ask, how you feel about the fans' new nickname for you, "McFluffy"? London: It was instant and overwhelming in the best way possible. I couldn't be more grateful for that! I've gotten that from multiple people on social media! I don't mind at all! I'm happy to be welcomed and that the Farewell Family is comfortable enough with me to do so!

LJ: Finally, is there anything you'd like to leave your fans with? London: Thank you to each and every one of you for your love and support to us through everything! I speak for the whole band when I say we are incredibly grateful. We couldn't do what we do and love so much without you. I look forward to progressing every day with our Family right there with us, meeting many of you, and seeing familiar faces in the future!

editor: Rachel Rosell


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