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I Hate Heroes Interview

Describing themselves as "a band full of promises", Pennsylvania outfit I Hate Heroes encases a hopeful and vivid sound. The Post-Hardcore genre has a tendency to get repetitive, as any genre can, but these guys really break the mold. In between stops on their most recent U.S. tour, we were able to talk a bit with the five men that make up this trailblazing band!

LJ DeWitt: Please introduce yourselves, include roles in the band, and, since it's Halloween season, add on your favorite horror movie villain.

I Hate Heroes: Our band is comprised of Ephraim (vocals), Brandon Gregorzek (Guitar), Ricky Nachurski (Guitar), Nick Nachurski (Drums), and Matt Cellini (Bass). Our favorite horror movie villains are:

Ephraim: Somara (The Ring)

Brandon: Jason Vorhees

Ricky: Somara (The Ring)

Nick: Michael Myers

Matt: Pennywise

LJ: You're from one of our favorite scenes, Pennsylvania. What's your favorite hometown venue to play? Who're your favorite bands to play with?

IHH: Our favorite venue to play at is Reverb in Reading, PA. The sound is always incredible, there's a big stage, and Mark and other promoters that work there are always hospitable to their bands. You always feel welcome there and the crowds are always rowdy! Our favorite bands to play with are probably the two bands we toured with (or are touring with) recently, which is Varsity and Call it Home. They are insanely talented, great live, and are some of the nicest and most fun guys to hang with, which makes touring that much more fun, but also tour being over that much harder.

LJ: You've earned a reputation for having an amazing reputation with your fans. What's the most memorable moment you've had with a fan so far?

IHH: There are so many memorable moments with so many fans it's impossible to pick just one. The most memorable moments range from lyrics being tattooed on our fans, to them travelling hours to see us, to simply sharing our music, but in reality, every moment with a fan is special to us. We have the greatest fans in the world and they are what allows us to do what we do, so no matter how little or how big the moment is, it holds a place in our heart.

LJ: While we're on the sentimental topics, out of every song you've ever written, which have you been the most emotionally invested in and why?

IHH: We'd have to say it would be songs off of the new album. One reason is that it's special to us as it's the first full length album we completed. The lyrics definitely connect with us as we hope it will with many others. The instrumentals are a much more mature sound and really tie in with the lyrics so you can feel what

emotion is being portrayed in each song.

LJ: Out of your entire discography, which song is your favorite to play live? And, is there any song you'd consider the black sheep of your music?

Ephraim: "Now or Never" is my favorite song to play live. To me, it's the most exciting instrumentally, most inspiring lyrically, and really fun to jump to. I'd say our black sheep is "Overrated" because it's so different stylistically but I still like it.

Brandon: "Confliction" because it's a heavier song so I love to see everyone moving around with us and geting into it. As for the black sheep song, I'd say "Overrated" as it stands out from the rest because it's more pop-punk.

Ricky: My favorite song to play live is off our new album. For me, the lyrics connect with me really well, and the crowd typically always responds well to it. It's a perfect combination of heavy, melodic, and bouncy, and really encompasses the whole sound of the album into just one of the tracks. The black sheep I think would be

any acoustic song we release. I love acoustic songs, including ours, but it's not a full instrumental song, so they almost are like a stand alone track in and of themselves.

Nick: "Rebirth" because it's a lot of fun and not overly difficult to play, so I can jam out a lot more while playing it. Also, because that song means a lot to me lyrically because it reminds me to push through the tough times and rise up from the darkness. For me, the black sheep would be "Ambulance" because it's a pop-punk song.

Matt: One of the songs we play off our upcoming album, because it's full of energy, easy to move and bounce to, and it keeps things fresh at shows. I'd say the black sheep is "Sincerely Pt. 2" because there's such a dramatic transition between the intro the rest of the song and the outro, and the structure of it. It bounces back

and forth between heavy and light through the song.

LJ: Right now you're in the midst of the Release the Kolossal Tour with Call It Home. How's the tour been going so far? Have you had any bad tour nightmares yet?

IHH: It's going great! Call it Home is a lot of fun, we're lucky to be able to continue to tour with awesome bands! The shows have all been good with fun crowds, friendly and hospitable promoters, and sick venues. At the point of this interview, we're just about to be getting into the 2nd half of the tour, so we can't wait to see what all the other shows have in store! As for nightmares, twice already, people have attempted to break into the vehicle, thankfully both times unsuccessful.

LJ: Who's the troublemaker of the band? Worst trouble he's ever gotten himself or the band into?

IHH: The trouble maker would probably be Nick. He hasn't really done anything over the top that caused legal issues, but he's absolutely reckless, haha. He's pretty much the clown of the band that does crazy things. He might randomly bust out in dance in the middle of a store, randomly yell for no reason, or he might say something to instigate or get someone else in trouble, but it's never a dull moment with him in the band.

LJ: As I mentioned before, it's Halloween season. Do you have any rockstar plans for the Devil's holiday?

IHH: Our guitarist Brandon holds a party at his house every year for Halloween where the whole band goes and a bunch of friends, girlfriends, etc. There's always a ton of food, drinks, different games, and of course, plenty of music. It'll probably also serve as a party to celebrate completing the full length album as it will be getting wrapped up a couple weeks before, so we will probably bump the album from front to back.

LJ: Whether it be in your everyday life or as a musician, what's your most irrational fear?

Ephraim: Arm wrestling sasquatch

Brandon: Spiders. I will scream like a schoolgirl when I see one.

Ricky: My irrational fear is needles. Really, needles don't hurt that bad for example, blood work or shots, but the fact that I get so worked up, makes them hurt worse. Past that, fear doesn't do anything because i'm going to eventually going to have to get the blood work or shot anyway.

Nick: Getting abducted by an Alien

Matt: I fear nothing. Fear fears me.

LJ: Three albums you'd want to be buried with?

Ephraim: Selfish Machines - Pierce the Veil, Safe is Just a Shadow - Ice Nine Kills, What Separates me From You - A Day to Remember

Brandon: City of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold, Famous Monsters - Misfits, The Listening - Lights

Ricky: Any Avenged Sevenfold album between and including Waking the Fallen and Nightmare, Deadweight - Wage War, The Fallout - Crown the Empire.

Nick: If Life Were a Book, I'd Skip This Chapter - I Hate Heroes, our new album, and the Grease soundtrack

Matt: American Idiot - Green Day, The Wall - Pink Floyd, Abbey Road - The Beatles

LJ: Finally, is there any random facts, statements, or words of wisdom you'd like to leave with your fans and supporters?

IHH: First off, thank you for taking the time to interview us! We say this all the time, but we can't express how much your support means to us and how thankful we are for all you guys do for us! Without you, we wouldn't be able to continue doing what we're doing, so it means the world to us. If you ever need anything don't be afraid to reach out to any of us! Make sure you keep an eye out for the release data of our new album. We love you all!

e. Rachel Rosell


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