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Lipz Interview

Long time readers of Drift & Die know all too well, I have a special kind of appreciation for Swedish rock bands. The Swedes know damn well how to put on a show! Stockholm based band Lipz is no acceptation to that. Whether it be live or in the studio, they carry a beautiful sound reminiscent of the oldies. Of course, they're a beast in their own. They incorporate amazing writing, classic guitar sounds, and a frontman with a beautifully unique voice. Beyond the music, Lipz present themselves with painted faces and bodies wrapped in leather. This combine with their catchy sound makes for an outstanding group of performers. Recently I spoke with the band as a unit about their new addition, tales of band life, and more!

LJ DeWitt: I see you guys recently added a new member aboard! Can you tell us a little about him and the process of finding him for the band? Lipz: Sami, 27, played with us a couple of years ago but we fired him because of his personal problems which caused chaos in the band. When Jonte S. quit the band we thought that Sami was an excellent choice of bass player; he had gotten his shit together. LJ: Tell me about the rest of the band! Who plays what? Lipz: Alex K., 21, is the frontman of the group. He's the singer and he also plays the guitar and writes songs. Alex's older brother, Koffe K., 25, plays the drums and writes songs and he started Lipz with Alex. The stepbrother of the two, Conny S., 23, plays the guitar and writes songs with Alex & Koffe. LJ: Who's the band trouble maker? Worst trouble he's ever gotten himself into? Lipz: We all are trouble makers ;). LJ: Who’s the band ladies’ man? His craziest night? Lipz: The ladies’ man in the band is Conny!

LJ: Most extreme drunk story (that you're willing to tell)? Lipz: One time, when Koffe was invited to a quiet and peaceful party, he got really drunk; he walked around naked, and peed all over the place like a dog marks his territory. It all ended with him getting beaten up by the owner of the apartment and his teeth falling out. LJ: What is the weirdest thing you've ever experienced at a gig? Lipz: The weirdest thing that has happened at a show was when the fire alarm went off and we had to stop playing and leave the stage, along with the crowd. LJ: You guys have a few music videos out now. What's your favorite memory from filming them? Lipz: The best memory was filming ''Ghost Town”, everything went so smooth. It was our first music video and it was a magical feeling creating it. LJ: Out of all the music you've written, which song has meant the most to you and why? Lipz: All of the songs mean a lot to us. Without the songs, no music. Without the music, no band. LJ: If you could play any city, venue, festival, cruise, etc., what would it be? Lipz: I know I speak for many bands when I say that it would be a blast playing a full house at Madison Square Garden in New York City. LJ: If you could have any musician join you on stage for a song, who would it be? Lipz: That's a really hard question, there are many great artists and bands out there. But one legend we all love is Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P).

LJ: Give me a rundown of your equipment setup? Lipz: Koffe K. plays on Premier drums and Sabian cymbals, and the hardware is from TAMA. Alex K. plays on ESP guitars and homemade guitars that his father has built. The amps he plays on is Marshall JCM 800. Conny S. plays on Charvel guitars and his amps are from Marshall. Sami V. plays on Jackson basses and Warwick amps. LJ: How about your favorite makeup products? Lipz: Our favourite makeup products are from Kryolan and Jeffree Star. LJ: What do your parents/families think of the makeup and leather? Lipz: They love it and they support us. LJ: Who takes the longest to get ready before a show? Lipz: Alex K. takes the longest time because he's a perfectionist and also fixes the hair and makeup on his band mates, Conny and Sami. LJ: What's your favorite song to play live? Lipz: Ghost Town. LJ: Can you tell me about what you've got in the works right now? Lips: Many things, but for now we're writing songs and soon we will be in the recording studio. LJ: Finally, where would you like to be in your career a year from now? Lipz: We want to be a big band who inspires others to play music, and we also want to leave a mark in the music history

e. Allie Beth


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