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Live My Last Interview

Ohio is strangely known for being a rock 'n' roll state. It should be no surprise that Columbus natives Live My Last are holding up that reputation. By that, I mean both the strange part and the rock part. Bizarre is what we aim for here! Their music is anthemic and their personalities are magnetic. I urge every one of our readers to give Live My Last a try! Recently we had a little chat with these hard rock rebels.

LJ Dewitt: Please introduce yourselves (names & band position).

Justin Wilson - Vocals

Brandon Friedel - Guitar/Vocals

Brock Richards - Guitar/Vocals

Mark Fox - Drums

LJ: Who's the trouble maker of the band? Worst trouble he's ever gotten himself or the band into?

Justin: Definitely Brandon. Well, we call him Brandi, so I guess you can call him that too. He’s the baby in the band and he has that maturity, haha. He makes everything sexual and he loves to do shit to either piss Brock off, or make Mark feel as uncomfortable as possible. I remember we walked into practice and Brandi was butt ass naked with his guitar on him just so Mark could stare at his ass while we played our first set. You can bet he hit that power stance too.

LJ: Dream venue or city to play someday?

Justin: The Schottenstein in Columbus, Ohio is the absolute dream for us! All being natives to Ohio, that place is a cornerstone for our city, and to play there in front of friends and family would be just an amazing experience.

LJ: What's your favorite song to play live?

Justin: I would have to go with “Let’s Get This Started Again” because it’s a fun and energetic anthem that the crowd loves to get into!

Brandon: “We Sing This Song” has a lot of breathing room when it comes to playing which allows me to with the crowd and get intimate. Getting on the stage box and hitting the solo also gives a cool feeling!

Brock: “45’s Are Still In Fashion” has a lot chugs that brings out my inner metal kid. The screams are always fun for me to do as well.

Mark: “No Sleep” is always our set ender, and it just has so much energy and dynamics in the song. The tracks hit real hard in the venues and everything just gets really raw.

LJ: If you could chose any song by another artist that you wish you would've written yourself, what would it be?

Justin: “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind. 90’s kid all the way. Love those guys; always fun to jam out to.

Brandon: That’s easy. “The Kill” by 30 Seconds To Mars. For one, Jared Leto. But as soon as that guitar comes in I literally go fucking nuts. I pretend like I could ever be as amazing as Jared Leto and run around like I’m him performing on stage.

Brock: “The Downfall Of Us All”- A Day To Remember. The most anthem song ever. You can’t tell me you don’t bounce around once that song comes on.

Mark: “Tears Don’t Fall” by Bullet For My Valentine. They are such good musicians and that song always kills live. I actually did a drum cover back in the day, I think it’s still there on YouTube haha!

LJ: Have you ever gotten or given any injuries during a performance?

Justin: Brandon usually somehow always cuts his damn hand every show. We seriously don’t know what the hell he does hahaha. But Mark had the worst of them all! Our show with The Used in Columbus, Ohio; he caught a stick to the eye. So apparently, at some point in the show, Mark broke a stick and the shards went right in his eye. We seriously had no idea until we get off stage to go greet fans and he comes up to us saying he’s going to the emergency room and half of his face is in blood! This guy played through the set not even being able to see out of his eye and didn’t miss a beat. Talented man.

LJ: Finally, is there anything random you'd like your fans to know?

We miss you. We’ve been away for too long and we are sorry. ‘Convictions’ was a great “hey world our name is Live My Last we’re new here” introduction. We still have a long ways to go in still getting exposure, but that album was a great starting point. We all had personal issues in our lives that we felt needed our attention in order to give LML a clear atmosphere. Feeling that we have that clarity, we are ready to get back onto the stage. Through out the course of many meetings and carefully planning, writing and rehearsals have begun. There is nothing more we want other than to get new music out, and get back to playing shows. Keep up to date with us on our networks and interact with us, we love it. See you soon- LML

e. Rachel Rosell


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