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Living Through Ghosts Interview

I've spent a considerable amount of time in Minneapolis scene and feel confident saying, it's difficult to find good bands here. Living Through Ghosts are one of those rarities! They have such a rich, classic metal sound to them. Recently I had a chat with them following the release of their debut EP "Wake the Gods".

LJ DeWitt: You guys have a sound I rarely hear in the scene anymore. What genre would you classify yourself as? Living Through Ghosts: We're rooted primarily in doom metal, while drawing influences from groove, death, and a bit of black metal. However, we use these elements more for inspiration than an attempt to adhere to a particular genre. We like to write music that is compelling in some degree. We want our music to be natural and organic. We don't write to conform to standardized structures or conventions. LJ: What's the story behind the name of the band? Living Through Ghosts: The name "Living Through Ghosts" represents the idea that all of us, in the music world and otherwise, truly live through ghosts. Those who have came and gone throughout our history have all had influence on the world we live in today. Thus, their "ghosts" live on in our modern world. This also applies to music, as musicians all draw from influences which ultimately can be traced back to the origins of music itself. LJ: Who's the band trouble maker? Worst trouble he's gotten himself or the rest of the band into? Living Through Ghosts: There isn't really a single trouble maker amongst us. We are all pretty regular dudes, although there is a decent amount of juvenile and dirty humor at band practice. There are many dark places of the internet that we have explored.

LJ: Drink of choice? Living Through Ghosts: Beer. Lots of beer. And copious amounts of non brand specific energy drinks for our drummer Jesse. LJ: Craziest drinking story that you're willing to tell? Living Through Ghosts: Jesse and an unnamed friend went to a party one night, at which he spotted a young lady that struck his fancy. He mentioned this to said friend, and many beers and jello shots later, got up the nerve to talk to her. All was well, until the unnamed friend approached them, threw his arm around him and, with languid eyes, pointed at the gal and proclaimed, "You should hook up with Jesse.... He has a huuuuuuuuge penis. He'd probably hurt you." No action was had that night. LJ: Opinions on your local scene? Favorite hometown venue to play? Living Through Ghosts: There are a plethora of quality metal bands in the Minnesota scene who put out great music. Unfortunately, there is a lack of support needed to grow the scene. There are few places in the metro area that cater to metal, and attendance at shows consists primarily of fellow musicians. Venues like Club Underground are great, but are few and far between, and resources for lesser-known bands are scarce. We feel that the local metal scene needs a more substantial foundation in order to flourish and provide opportunities for upcoming musicians. LJ: You've just released your EP. What was the biggest struggle in the recording process? Living Through Ghosts: The most difficult part of recording the demo was properly capturing our sound and the essence of our material. This can be challenging, particularly for a demo, but something that we plan to have more fully realized when we release our full-length album next year. LJ: What is your favorite song off the EP? Why? Mike: "Earth Resurrected"; Due to the timing variety, the uniqueness of the track itself, and because it's a plain old good head banging song. Kyle: "Earth Resurrected"; It's well put together and all the parts flow together nicely. Jesse: "Wake The Gods"; It has a nice balance of heaviness and melody. It has a large soundscape and a fun ending to play. Trent: "Wake The Gods"; The song overall has an epic feel and it evokes lots of emotion through its entirety.

LJ: Finally, is there anything you'd like to tell your fans & potential listeners? Living Through Ghosts: We are a band who draws from many influences. Each member of our band draws from a wide range of different musical styles which all come out in varying degrees in our music. Metal started as a family and should not be constrained to specific sub-genres. Keep an open mind, and appreciate a good song for what it is regardless of style. Don't be afraid to broaden your horizons. Support local artists and stay actively engaged. There is plenty of quality metal acts around that have gone unheard. Remember, your favorite artists all started out as a local band.

e. Allie Beth

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