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  • LJ DeWitt

My Sweet Symphony Interview

Young and undead; Those are the best bands. Throw in a fast punk sound and you've got a recipe for the next big thing. Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, My Sweet Symphony is a band I suggest you keep your eye on! Recently they released their new record "A True Breed and Circus Freak". I talked with frontman Leo about the release and more.

LJ DeWitt: Was there any specific inspiration for the band name? Leo Hollows: Not really. I had like a 45 second song on my ipad that I made named "The Symphony". When it got down to us needing a band we just decided to name the band My Sweet Symphony, just because that song ended up feeling kinda how we wanted the band to feel and the direction we wanted to take it. LJ: Where are you guys from? What's your local scene like? Leo: We're from all over south Florida, but we're based in Fort Lauderdale. The local scene is really great actually. There's shows almost every weekend which are filled with variety and new bands. It's a very welcoming and eclectic scene. LJ: Many musicians will go to great lengths to spread their music. That includes playing in some not-so-safe neighborhoods or working with some shady people. Has there ever been a situation where you genuinely thought you were going to die? Leo: We played a bar in the downtown Miami once, were stoked until we actually got to the general neighborhood. The whole night was sketchy. And to top if off, as we were driving down the block to the venue, we saw about 3 crimes committed in a matter of seconds, including a dude being held at gun point. LJ: When the time does come, how do you hope you die & what song should be played at your funeral? Leo: IDK, probably someway cool like on a tour or doing a show or something like. And meh, I don't really care haha. LJ: Of the classics (Jason, Freddy, Myers, ect) which horror movie villain do you identify with the most & why? Leo: Hmmm, I like them all, but if I had to identify with one I'd say Myers just because he doesn't talk, haha. LJ: Who in the band would you think would be most likely to snap & actually become a murderer? Leo: Our bassist Devin, for sure. LJ: Who's the trouble maker of the band? Worst trouble he ever got himself or the band into? Leo: There honestly isn't one, we're very boring. If we're not playing we're trying to sleep or playing video games or something like that. LJ: Who's the most feminine in the band & why? Leo: Probably Devin just because he wears a dress on stage sometimes. LJ: A few months ago, you guys released a new record. What was the main inspiration & theme for it? Leo: There wasn't really any inspiration for it; It just kinda came about on it's own. Our first EP was kind of a giant pot filled with a bunch of ideas that I wanted to pursue, but this record I just focused on one thing which was melodies and then it just happened. LJ: Of all the songs you've written, which has meant the most to you & why? Leo: Probably a song called "Innocuous Wish" just because it was one of the fastest song I've written and probably the most honest lyrically. LJ: Has there ever been a song you wrote but never brought to studio because it was too personal? Leo: No, everything I write or idea I have I always try and get input from everyone. LJ: Which song is your favorite to play live? Leo: Probably our song "Man Made Monster" just because it's pretty energetic and we always have friends or whoever wants do guest vocals for it. It's also the last song of the set which means we're almost done, haha. LJ: Going into 2016, what's your musical goal for the new year? Leo: Well, we have a few tours already in the works starting as soon as February, so there's that. Possibly even a new EP out early next year, just depending on a few things. But we're definitely aiming for it. LJ: Finally, is there anything you want to say to your fans & potential listeners? Leo: I guess just thank you to everyone who stay inside for our set, even if it's just for a song or two. And if you come across the band in anyway whether it's live or through social media, hope you like it in some way, haha.

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