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Nobuna Interview

This alternative metal/rock band hails all the way from Bangkok, Thailand. They are a perfect example that music is an international language. Their vibrant sound is one that is addicting! Recently we had a little chat with the band.

LJ DeWitt: Where are you guys from? Do you like your local scene? Nobuna: We’re from Bangkok, Thailand. LJ: Do you like your local scene? Nobuna: Well, admittedly, the scene here is pretty small compared to other countries in Asia because the popularity of rock/metal music here has decreased over the last five years. However, we feel that it is tight and strong. It is more like a family that almost every band knows each other, so the answer is yes! We do like our scene here, and we will try our best to gain back its popularity one day. LJ: Favorite venue to play? Nobuna: Central World Square, located at the heart of Bangkok City. It is considered to be one of the biggest venues where we have ever played. Our dream venue is the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan. It would be awesome if we got to play there. LJ: Who's the band trouble maker? Worst trouble he's ever gotten himself or the band into? Nobuna: One of our vocalists, “Noom”, is undoubtedly the worst trouble maker in the band. He is the sound programmer of the band, so we use his laptop, audio-interface, and other equipment for strings and piano sounds on stage. Noom is a forgetful person. He usually brings all of the equipment, but he forgot to bring a headphone cable adapter to the gig. As a result, we had to play several songs without those sounds we prepared by improvising. The other one would be our ex-vocalist because he misintroduced the band at the beginning of the show. It happened long ago when we’re still in Trust Records. He said, “What’s up people? We’re Nobuna from RISE RECORDS!” For your information, we’re now independent. LJ: Biggest stage nightmare you've had? Nobuna: The clicking of metronome sound leaked out on stage during our show. The whole crowd laughed so hard. Honestly, that’s the most embarrassing thing we’ve ever faced on stage.

LJ: Do you have anything in the works? Nobuna: We will release our third single called “Your Masquerade” in a form of lyric-video in March. Right now, we in the process of making our first EP. Hopefully, it will be finished by the end of June. LJ: Has there ever been a song you've heard and wished you wrote yourself? Nobuna: Too many! However, the one that we immediately thought of would be “The Beginning” by One OK Rock because it is such an amazing song and really catchy. LJ: Of your own work, which song has meant the most to you and why? Nobuna: “My Battle Cry”, because it is the song that made people know us. Not only in Thailand, but other countries as well. We have fans in the U.K. thanks to this song. LJ: Is there any person, real or fiction, that you could credit for being your initial inspiration to play music? Nobuna: Virgil (drum): Dad and Joey Jordison from Slipknot Heart (guitar): Family and Ton from Silly Fools Noom (scream vocal): Nap from Retrospect Tle (guitarist): Virgil Chung (vocal): Austin Carlile from Of Mice & Men

LJ: How do your parents feel about you playing metal? Nobuna: They want us to grow up and get a job. The sentence that we have heard a lot would be “What the fuck are you screaming about?” LJ: Any advice you'd give to young fans who have unaccepting parents? Nobuna: It is certainly difficult to make everyone understand you for who you are. However, it is not hard to start trying to prove yourself to them. LJ: Where would you like to be in your career this time next year? Nobuna: We want to get signed with a record label abroad, especially in the U.S., Japan, or the U.K. We want to see Nobuna in the line-ups for big music festivals like Vans Warped Tour, Summer Sonic, Reading, or Wacken.

e. Tamara Grant


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