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Raging Dead Interview

As we rest on the Eve of Halloween, I feel it's only appropriate to unleash some of my favorite new ghouls. These days, it's rare I find bands that can completely capture me in their web, but Raging Dead has managed to do exactly that. Originating from the enchanting city of Cremona, Italy, they bring a refreshing and disturbing Horror Punk sound to the table. Enjoy as we discuss their Russian tour, influences, and much more!

LJ DeWitt: Please introduce yourselves, include roles in the band, and drink of choice...

Traci Decadence: Hi, I'm Tracii Decadence the drummer, my favourite drink is Margarita.

Matt Void: I'm Matt Void the guitarist and I'll take a Gin Tonic.

Cloud Shade: Hi! I'm Cloud Shade, the vocalist and the king of shadows. I take beer and blood.

Simon: Oh Bella. I'm Simon and I like beer, and Grappa. And I play the bass.

LJ: Speaking of alcohol, what's the most extreme drinking story you've got? (That you're willing to tell, that is)

Raging Dead: This could be a good idea for a best seller. There are a lot of stories, even when we hang out together (very often) in our town, we usually get to sleep at Tracii's home, because you MUSTN'T drive if you drink! We were thinking to change residence to his address last winter.

Well, let's just tell a funny story, when some months ago we went to see a gig where two bands we know were playing. We had a lot of fun, screaming, drinking, running and stuff like these. Tracii went to the bathroom, but he wasn't coming back anymore. So we went to check and found him on the floor, he smashed his face on the washbowl before.... not feeling very well (let's say so).

We took him to the car with a lot of efforts, where he lay down on the back seat, just behind Matt Void that was already KO. Cloud took some pictures, telling people they were "The Void Centipede", because they look a lot like each other.

Later Matt turned on the car heating system, and Linda, the female singer of one of the band, joined them in the car. She was very drunk too, she was running with her pants down just earlier. After some times Cloud went back to the car, he opened the door and was almost melting from the heat that went out.

We came back in the morning after a good sleep in the car, we restored our health and gained a lot of EXP points!

LJ: You guys are based out of Italy, a country often known for its rich religious culture. As we all know, metal and religion typically don't mix. Have you ever ran into any serious trouble because of the way you look or the music you play?

RD: Our rehearsal room is near a church. No problem at all. To be honest we don't really think Metal is a breakpoint anymore. People are just used to it. Maybe that's just because we are young and not famous enough to cause huge problems.

LJ: Compared to other countries, do you feel your scene still maintains the shock value and controversy of old school metal? In general, what's your outlook on your hometown's venues and crowds?

RD: Well, the situation is not so good in Italy. We know a lot of people with real and strong passion for rock, punk, metal etc. etc. and we're lucky to have quite the fan-base here. Anyway we're still few, venues are closing day by day, it's really hard today to play music and almost impossible to be able to live working with our kind of music. It's a shame, we know some very good bands that should deserve better.

We're going to tour a lot now that we have just released the debut album, we're restrained by our everyday works and society but we'll do our best. We need to make our name bigger.

LJ: So far, who have been your favorite bands to share a stage and party with?

RD: We LOVE Mario and all his friends in Scream Baby Scream. At the beginning of our career we played a lot together and we've done a lot of crazy after shows.We had such great time also with the guys from KarneKattiva, Speed Stroke and Kickstarter Ritual.

LJ: While we're on the topic of shows, you'll soon be embarking on a weeklong tour through Russia. What're you looking forward to the most? Do you have any reservations or fears regarding the tour?

RD: Our only and biggest fear is vodka. And the customhouse. Everyone talks about the Russian cold, we'll see if we can stand it!

LJ: Whether it be in your everyday life or rockstar life, what's your biggest irrational fear?

RD: Chicks=Trouble. And vodka!!

LJ: We're creeping up on Halloween season, the best time of the year. So, I'm going to ask one of my favorite questions. Which horror movie villain do you identify with the most and why?

Cloud: I really like the Crow (well, is he really the villain?), I'm very passionate about Vengeance, it's a beautiful thing. I have managed to take my past sufferings and turn it into strength. That was the day "Cloud Shade" was born from the shadow of my old self.

Matt: Dexter Morgan from the TV serie because he mix insanity and justice. He does what he does because he need it, but only to bad people.

Tracii: Freddy Krueger, because he’s the coolest son of a bitch ever.

Simon: I don’t really have one.

LJ: On the topic of morbidity, what do you want your funeral song to be?

Cloud: "Rebel in the F.D.G." - WASP

Matt: "World to Come" - Gojira

Tracii: I never thought of a song for my funeral because I’m very busy trying to live right.

Simon: "Stranger in a Strange Land" - Iron Maiden

LJ: Going back to your own music, out of every song you've written, which has meant the most to you and why?

Cloud: We put a lot of efforts and blood in this debut album, I'm really proud of it. I think we couldn't have done better at this point of our life and I don't regret anything. I wrote all the lyrics of "When The Night Falls" with a lot of care but I need to praise the title track, it gave me the right inspiration for the album theme, which I really love it. It’s a song full of images, description, metaphors and feelings…. It talks about Fear that comes with the Night, and wins over human’s subconscious regarding the situations. It starts from simple things till the world is wrapped by darkness, bringing Fear to its climax.

Moreover we have a very special guest, our beautiful and awesome friend Emily Van Dark, I thought she had the right voice and presence to give this song something extra, she did an awesome work with her choirs.

Matt: It's "Army of the Restless" to me. It's dark and full of anguish, and I Think the songwriting its great.

Tracii: "Ballad of the Storm" because is the latest song we had written for the album. We ended it the same and the text talk about mad max and post nuclear world scenery and I love it.

Simon: I really like "Doomsday", because it’s a lot violent!

LJ: I've been listening to your recent record, When the Night Falls, and I absolutely love it! Tell me, which song is your favorite to play live? And, is there any song you feel is the black sheep of the record?

Cloud: I have a lot of fun playing "Within Shadow", I need to concentrate a lot but it’s also a funny song. it talks about "angels" women which in truth hide a devil within shadow, it plays with metaphores on vampirism too. And it's taken from a real story about me, I need to laugh almost every time I sing it live.

As I said before, I don't regret anything of this album, personally speaking right now it's the masterpiece of my life. If I had to choose I'd say "Bloodlust" it's the most anonymous song here, anyway it's one of the oldest, and I still like it because it's full of Rage and Hate. It helps you release some stress…

Matt: My favourite one is "Ballad of the Storm", while I think I can't stand "Scratch Me" anymore. It's one of the oldest song, anyway we recorded it for the 2nd time in WTNF, it still had quite the upgrade since our EP Born in Rage.

Tracii: My favourite one is "When The Night Falls" because for me it’s a really cool song and great writing work. I'd say my least favourite one is "Streets of Rage", it's a powerful song... and nothing more, you know... Anyway it has a lot of contents in the lyric, it's a strong critic to the "respectable" current society and introduce the Raging Dead "Gang" too, keeping the thread from our EP.

Simon: My favourite song of the record is "Army of the Restless", while there isn’t a song I don’t really like in particular and I am not ready to criticize our work. Anyway I would have preferred not to make choirs in "Crimson Garden"…. ahaha.

LJ: Finally, is there any last random facts, statements, or words of wisdom you'd like to leave with your fans?

RD: We'd like to thanks all the people who still believe in us, from Pavement Entertainment to Jack Music Agency, Atomic Stuff promotion, our producer Frank, the promoters and fans who support us and our music every day.

You can't change nothing alone, you need people. We are friends, we are family. A family not bonded by blood, we CHOOSE our family and struggle together for the same dream. Revolutions comes with sacrifices, you need to shed a lot of blood, but you made it smiling every single time. We're bringing "The Night" in Russia, we hope people will attend the gigs, come to meet us! Brace yourself, the worst gang ever is back in town! Thanks Drift & Die press, see you on the road.

e. Rachel Rosell


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