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  • LJ DeWitt

Unparalleled Heights Interview

Finding the perfect mix between aggression and melody is a difficult feat. Pittsburg based band Unparalleled Height is managing to hit that sweet spot amazingly! They have a sound unlike anything in the scene these days. Recently I had a little chat with their fearless frontman.

LJ DeWitt: Please introduce yourself. Give me your name and roll in the band. Dave Kelly: My name is Dave and I am the vocalist of the metal band Unparalleled Height. LJ: Where are you from? What's your opinion on your local scene? Dave: I was born in raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and that is also where the band is based out off too. Our “local scene” is quite interesting. There are many talented bands ranging in a lot of different genres. LJ: What's the craziest or weirdest thing that has ever happened to you at a gig? Dave: At one of our first shows ever, a massive fight broke out! I was on stage and there was a crazy light show and I couldn’t really see what was going on. I thought people were just moshing but it turns out it was a massive fight. Almost the entire crowd was thrown out and we were only 3 songs into an 8 song set! LJ: Who's, so far, been your favorite band to share a stage with? Dave: My good friends in Affiance. If you haven’t listened to them, you are most certainly missing out. Look up “Reboot”. LJ: Who's the band trouble maker? What's the worst trouble they've ever gotten themselves or the band into? Dave: Haha this is a great question. We all have our moments and I don’t want to air any unwanted dirty laundry on one my good friends! LJ: On the flip side of that, who's the band's "mom"? (The one that cleans up the messes) Dave: One of the things I love about our band is that everyone can be a troublemaker and a mom. We are all very flexible. LJ: What movie murderer do you identify with the most and why? Dave: I identify most with non-murdering movie dudes. I love Superman, Batman, and Captain America. LJ: Who in the band would be the most likely to become an actual murderer? Dave: No one. LJ: Of all the songs you've ever written, which means the most to you and why? Dave: Our most recent single “Embrace the Storm”. The reason for this is because the lyrics mean more to me today than the day I wrote them. The song is about embracing dark and challenging times in your life, knowing that they will one day make you stronger. I wrote the lyrics in May of 2015 and recently, I have had some things not go my way and I always turn to that song for some inspiration. LJ: What is one subject you don't like to write about in music? Dave: Anything that is cliché. LJ: Name a song aside from one of your own that's touched your heart deeply. Dave: "Fiction" by Avenged Sevenfold. LJ: Finally, is there anything you'd like your fans to know? Dave: Every single one of them has a gift. Don’t let anyone stop you from finding it. And once you find it, put your heart, soul, time, and money into it. It can and will pay off. I believe you, now believe in yourself!

e. Tamara Grant


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