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About The Torch: A monthly series, The Torch aims to help musicians of all ages and talent levels learn more about their respective instruments. Each issue features band members from around the world discussing their craft. They provide our readers with advice and insight towards their person experiences, as well as talking about the tool of their livelihood. Whether you’re an aspiring musician, beginner, fan, or expert, there’s something here for everyone. I truly believe it takes one generation to inspire another. With each issue, I hope we can motivate more and more readers to become the forces they admire. 

Issue 21

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween, girls and ghouls! In honor of Devil's Night, I've dug up some of my favorite demons. As many of our long time readers may know, Philadelphia is by far my favorite scene in America. Unlike most cities these days, they aren't afraid to keep it raw and nasty. Today, we have members of two frightening locals, Generation Empty and Oshian.

Issue #20

October 18, 2017

As the end of the year grows near, so does the end of the first season of The Torch. With only one more issue left after this, I thought it'd be fitting to do a little something special! Instead of our usual three-person cast, today we'll be featuring four drummers. Ranging everywhere from punk to fusion, hard rock to death metal, we've sampled flavors from across the Midwest; Chicago natives Tiny Kingdoms, Milwaukee's own American Zeros and American Bandits, and the Toledo based Blood of the Prophets!

Issue #19

July 23, 2017

From pop punk to metal, today we feature two bands from the great state of Ohio. Along with solo artist Jacob Buckner, the drummers of Life In Idle and Doxy have come to our pages! Read as the three discuss their many tales of destruction and more! 

Issue #18

June 23, 2017

From the methodical to the messy, this week we've got a good range of drummers. Hailing from Texas, Cincinnati, and Chicago respectively, the time-keepers of 12 Gauge Awakening, The World I Knew, and Avalanche have come to wreak some havoc!

Issue #17

May 23, 2017

Today's features all come from bands that optimize gut-wrenching metal. These three drummers have perfectly honed in on the sounds of brutality. From Michigan, self-claimed "sex metal" outfit Echo of Silence's drummer, John, Pennsylvania natives Hollow Visions' Morgan, and Travis of Virginia devils, Human Excoriation. Enjoy an in-depth look into their madness!

Issue #16

May 9, 2017

Boys and girls, we have a good one for you this week! From Ontario, West Virginia, and North Carolina respectively, these drummers paint a perfect picture of the progressive metal and post-hardcore genres. Each with their own style, each band should be on your concert bucket list. Enter the bangers of Red Handed Denial, CURSES, and Krosis.

Issue #15

April 23, 2017

The East Coast is coming in strong this week with Connecticut natives Through Obscurity and Philadelphia acts Autumn Passing and Kaonashi. From Deathcore to Alternativecore, these three bands run the gamut of diversity. For this issue, their drummers have eagerly stepped up to the plate to discuss their craft.

Issue #14

March 23, 2017

Today's issue is strong proof of how different bands of the same subgenre can be. Though all these acts can classify as pop rock, they change up the classic pop mold by respectively incorporating funk, industrial, and experimental. Drummers from Los Angeles based Olio, Ohio's Set Sail to March, and Scranton's Dreamers, have all stepped up to the flames.

Issue #13

February 23, 2017

Today, Ohio's coming in strong with two great drummers; Jason Eilers of Sins of Motion and Tanner Jessup of To Kill A Monster and Ever Burning Bright. Their bands bring a lively, punk sound that I know you're all dying for! However, we'd never let heavy metal get overshadowed here. Our third attention comes out of Los Angeles; Zechariah Gamez of So This Is Suffering. All these acts come with some great, undiscovered talent that I'm excited to share with you!

Issue #12

January 23, 2017

It seems the Denver demons of Seven Days Lost hadn't wreaked enough havoc last month! This time, they've sent in their fearless bassist, Bundy, to cause some terror on our pages. Accompanying him, Seth Jackson from Almost Honest; A Pennsylvania based band I can best describe as metal for vikings! Contrasting with a lighthearted alternative sound, we have Tom Jack Jackson of Liverpool natives, Diamond Days. It's been quite awhile since we've had a group of four-stringed ax slingers ignite The Torch. So, without further ado, enjoy the newest issue.

Issue #11

December 23, 2016

Shock and sexy describes the sound of Colorado's Seven Days Lost and Australia's Symphony of the Sun. Meanwhile, Los Angeles natives RVLS comes in with alternative pop anthems to contrast. Today, the drummers of these three amazing visually pleasing bands have come to our pages to tell tales of destruction and trail blazing. Enjoy Danny Rival, Johny Rock, and Christian Lee discussing their drums, and much more...

Issue #10

November 23, 2016

Asylum Black is perfecting modern electronic horror, whereas Oshian is continuing a classic sound reminiscent of Iron Maiden. Today, we have the Texan skeleton of the former, Bones Horrorshow, and the Pennsylvania native shredding duo of the latter, Justin Adams and Dylan Maurer. At first listen, they may seem far apart, but I promise their music will get stuck in your head just the same. Without further ado, enjoy reading the string twisting ways of these rowdy boys.

Issue #9

October 23, 2016

Typically The Torch can get rather... bland, for anyone who doesn't care too much about the technical side of the rock industry. As Halloween creeps closer, we've decided to take a break from a sage of strings to bring you stories of spirits. The ghouls featured in this article are no stranger to The Torch. Welcome back the new generation of Lost Boys, SKIVER, along with the modern day psychopaths of Attraction to Tragedy, and the whimsically beautiful Farewell, My Love.

Issue #8

September 23. 2016

So far we’ve forced The Torch on musicians, but the guys on the stage aren’t the only people who make up the rock industry. The ones who have the pleasure of being spit on, kicked, pushed, and terrorized by your favorite artists are the ones in the photo pit; The photographers. Maybe I’m a little bias here, but most people do not understand how hard real concert photographers work. Today we have three sensational photographers to give you a little insight towards their craft.

Issue #7

August 23, 2016

With the summer being hot enough, The Torch took a little break. As fall rolls in, I figured it's about time we feed the flame once again. The autumn winds inspired me to pick up some of the best creepers I could find! These three bassists are not afraid to give you a fright; Hailing from Philly, St Louis, and Boston, respectively, I present Mikey Rude of Suburban Murder, Roman McLea of Arkangela, and Brandon Blackout of Attraction to Tragedy and Shadows of Eyekhana.

Issue #6

May 23, 2016

With a sound louder than a voice, the guitar is hard to miss at a show. It's no wonder why they're usually one of the most loved members of the band and we needed to bring some shredders back to the series! Today the dynamic duo of Servant Sun, Ronald O'Kane and Colin Nicol, are here accompanied by Sins Of Motion's lead, Rikki Lee.

Issue #5

April 23, 2016

Any other instrument you primarily hear, but a bass is something you feel. When it comes to the rhythm that hits us in our soul, it's no wonder I've brought three more bassists back to our pages. After our Beyond The Fallen interview dropped last year, they have been one of the most requested bands to return. Their axe slinger, Joy, is back to reek havoc. As well, we have Chase Martinez from Denver native band, Redlands and Kentucky band, Picturesque's Robert Mote!

Issue #4

March 23, 2016

It’s the return of the show-stealers; Guitarists! At any show, you’re guaranteed to have your sights stolen away by the six-stringed demons. Today we’ve some international treasures for you. Germany based shedder Marc Andrejkovits of Cryptex hits our pages along with England terrors Symon Strange of The Dead XIII and solo artist Ethan Skys.

Issue #3

February 13, 2016

Bassists; the guys who catch all the shit. As brutally honest as it is, there hasn’t been one award show that’s passed without someone saying the Best Bassist award was unnecessary. The truth? Bass is actually a skill-requiring instrument and a band would sound like a deaf hound dog without them. The bass and the drums are the two major components to keeping a band’s rhythm. Drums we can hear; a bass you feel. So, what team of axe-slingers have come to grace our pages today? The wicked Ed ManDevil of Revelry Gang, the charismatic Rob Gnarly of Echo Black, and good ol’ southern boy Anthony Mattox of Artifas.

Issue #2

January 23, 2016

The casual music fan might not realize it, but the drummer is the most important part to a live show. Without them, the band would be utterly lost! It's true, the beat a drummer keeps is the backbone of music. They also happen to be some of the most kind hearted folks you'll find in the industry. Today we feature talks with Zavien of LindaMar, Izzy Scott of Shadows of Eyekahna, Stigmata Dolls, and Attraction to Tragedy, and Austin Balthaser of Ashes of Our Sins!

Issue #1

December 13, 2015

Next to the lead singer, I think the number one role kids aspire to be when they grow up is a guitarist. It’s hard to miss a good shedder! I thought it was only appropriate to kick off this series not only with the show-stealers themselves, but more specifically with some of my favorite guitarists. Today we feature interviews with Zave Demonte of Kerbera, BK Reckless of Skiver, and London Mckuffey of Farewell, My Love. 

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